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Apart from research and comments on other fitness articles, this blog is a personal passage towards my own fitness and weight loss goals. Right now, I am at 40’s doorstep, decrease in muscle mass and fat metabolic rate and other health/weight loss issues will soon emerge, to top that of, I am at my heaviest yet – 61 kilograms. My metabolic rate is sluggish and may be due to my experience with weight loss supplements. I read Leigh Peele’s new contest about setting and trying to reach personal fitness goals in a span of a month. I am too late to enter the contest but have set it as an example for my own weight loss goals. Now to most these are so simple and almost redundant but for me, they are baby steps.
Just like any other person, I am obsessed with numbers; I can only find satisfaction and motivation through quantifying everything in numbers. And when I get disappointed with results via numbers; I stop or lose interest all together. So I am diverting from this obsession, weight loss and body fat percentage wise; instead, focusing on the basics, which are discipline, persistence and be consistent. These three characteristics are my goals for one month. Equating these into actions:

  • Exercising in a regular basis with Yoga, interval and strength training. Keeping a diary for my exercise routines and eating habits. And be honest, meaning all kinds of food I eat whether junk or healthy; missed exercise routines.
  • Drinking at least two liters of water each day.
  • Sleeping at least 6 to 8 hours.
  • Using the intermittent fasting method for cleansing and further boost my metabolic rate.

These may sound silly but are important, in establishing changes in how I want to reach my goals which are weight loss and keeping it off as much as possible, by removing the pressure of quantifying my efforts through the scale and other means of measuring body fat loss.



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