This blog is a Filipino perspective of fitness, nutrition and sports activities. It is a combination of scientific explanations (as best we can) and natural course of the human body with regards to achieving the fitness potentials we all have. We are no expert, but would like to share our explorations with you.
I am your blogger, skinnyB or skinnyBhoi as my daughter likes to call me, and it is a misnomer as I am a woman, 38, overweight but with an NBI clearance, so not related to any criminal activity. I am only guilty of being obsessed with the science of medicine and fascinated on how the human body works. Procrastination, laziness and the usual excuses are reasons keeping me from being fit and getting into the sport that is most suitable to me, running. But before you get out of this site out of sheer boredom, I will stop. “Bruno (the dog), come talk to me.”